Saturday, 17 March 2018

Projekt meeting in Bulgaria | Day 5

On the final day of the meeting the students were busy working on the diversity management strategies for their schools ending the working part of the day with presenting them to each other. Then they spent the afternoon with a Bulgarian host family and the evening was a farewell dinner at a restaurant.


Projekt meeting in Bularia | Day 4

This day was devoted to studying multiculturality in the city of Varna.We were told about the Romans and the Ottomans who used to live there and how it become a seaside resort under international influence. We had a traditional meal in a traditional restaurant.

Varna Cathedral

Oldest house in Varna, 1912

The Roman Baths

visit to the Museum of History


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Project Meeting in Bulgaria | Day 3

Today we learnt about the multicultural historical background of Bulgaria and know that today Bulgarians, Turks, Christians and Muslims live together peacefully. We found out about the invention of the Cyrillic alphabet and tried reading the menus during our free time.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Project Meeting in Bulgaria | Day 2

The second day started with presentations which the students had prepared in work sessions before. We looked into diversity from different perspectives learning the following things:

  • Don't see diversity as a barrier but as a door opener.
  • Diversity is a present.
  • Diversity is like cooking: all the ingredients are mixed to make a tasty dich.
  • Benefits include enhancing cultural awareness, improved motivation, attracting talented people.
Then the students worked on six topics: racism, gender, religion, disability, judging by appearance and bullying.

The group was invited to the town hall of Dolni chiflik to meet the Mayor Ms Krasimira Anastasova and staff to talk about multicultural issues.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Project Meeting in Bulgaria | Day 1

After a long day travelling the Romanian and German teams got a warm welcome by the Bulgarian school in Dolni chiflik. After getting to know each other we worked on problems caused by diversity and suggested some solutions and ideas in how to prevent this in international group work.

Later there was time for a walk on the beach. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Before travelling

The German group is busy preparing for the project meeting at Secondary School Vasil Levski next week. We have finished all our presentations and are now looking forward to a week full of working on diversity management for our schools, a look into Bulgarian multicuturality and - last but not least - meeting the Bulgarian and Romanian team. This is Europe at its best - experience Europe through meeting people.


 All the documents are prepared and these photos show the real spirit of Europe: As there were no flights to Varna on Sunday, 4 March we are flying to Bucharest and the Romanian team is going to pick us up with their coach and we are going to the Black Sea together. The German travel agency was unable to book the hotel so we booked through a Romanian agency.