Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pentapolis Upper Highschool, Greece

These are the presentations of the Greek students:

There are 16 students and 1 teacher working on the project.

Nyborg Gymnasium, Denmark

These are the Danish presentations:

There are 29 students and 1 teacher working on the project.

Comments by other students:

I watched your Videos and I think they're great. I like to watch them and I learned a little bit more about your schoolway. They're are also interesting.

Best wishes

I also watched your videos and I think they are awesome. You have so many facilities! Congrats!
Best regards,
Diana from Bucharest  

Hi there! So interesting to learn more about your school system!

IPSSAR "Paolo Borsellino", Palermo, Italy

My school, IPSSAR "Paolo Borsellino", Palermo (PA), Italy, is a hotel school. Hotel school means that students, who at the age of 13 have already finished middle school, attend our school for 5 years and at the end they will be cooks, waiters or will work in the Reception of the hotels, travel agencies , etc.

lt is located in a disadvantaged area of the outskirt of Palermo and it welcomes many students from the suburbs or from little towns near the city. It tries to respond to family and society needs. Its aim is to give the highst levels of education, instruction and professionality to Italian and foreign students, infact to Palermo people coming from different countries of the world. My school welcomes them and in the sameway it welcomes disabled students. IPSSAR Borsellino beats and fights to help students at risk of social exclusion. . All of this is done by keeping in mind and respecting the personal qualities of the students which the institution welcomes, even through individual learning, promoting their development and having as a basic aim the acquisition of common objectives. Our purpose is to put our Institution in a modern perspective or exchange in an international level by means of a multilateral partnership that will be realized as a curricular and lab activity. Our intent is to propose an European example in order to discover similarities, analogies as well as differences among countries without disregarding the peculiarities of the local school and to build, reinforce and improve progress and development.

There are 15 students and 2 teachers working on the project.

General secondary school "Vasil Levski", Dolni chiflik, Bulgaria

This is the Bulgarian presentation:

Sou vasil-levski from Stanislava Petrova

There are 9 students and 1 teacher working on the project. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Liceul Teoretic "Nichita Stănescu", București, Romania

Celal Yardimci Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

The Turkish school is located in the capital Ankara. The students have prepared this glog to introduce the city:

There are 30 students and 6 teachers involved in the project.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Project partners

The interest in multicultural issues in Europe is high, so there is quite a large number of participating schools. For the logic of this project I believe it is important to have schools from different areas in Europe in order to get many different perspectives on the topic.
These are the schools who are working on the project:

Monday, 11 November 2013

The project

The "real" name of this project is "Becoming a Multicultural Citizen of the EU" which in short is "Be Multicultural!". Its idea is to look at how students live in multicultural environments at school, in their towns or cities, in their regions and countries. We want to discuss the word cuture and our understanding of culture. Then we are going to investigate the situations in our areas. This will lead to the development of a questionnaire which aims at finding out how students feel about multicultural issues and what needs to be done to become a multicultural Citizen of the EU.

The project is worked on in several European countries with about a dozen schools. We use eTwinning for working on the project.