Thursday, 11 October 2018

Project meeting in Hagen | Day 4

Today everybody had to get up early in order to meet up for our trip to Brussels. First of all we visited the European Parliament to find out more about the multinational work of a Member of the European Parliament.

 Dr. Dieter Köster, MEP for Wetter, gave us some insights into his life and shared some ideas about the present state of the EU and what needs to be changed.

Afterwards we went to visit the Parlamentarium to find out more about European history and to understand the ideas behind the founding of the EU. Everybody was given a media guide to explore the exhibition.

Then it was time to look at Brussels beautiful old town and taste some of its culinary offers like fries, waffles and chocolates. At the end of the day we went to La Chapelle Royale to meet pupils from Brussels for a discussion on interreligious dialogue. We found out that Protestants are a minority in Belgium. Students of all four countries - Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Romania - talked about their experience in small groups.

The students and teachers on this project would like to thank European coordiantor of the city of Hagen Mrs Sabine Krink for her excellent organisation of this very impressive day.

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