Monday, 8 October 2018

Project meeting in Hagen | Day 1

Representatives of all three schools have met in Hagen today to start working on their last topic: interreligious dialogue. 

After some icebreaking activities students worked on their understanding of their own and other religions. We were led through the day by the expert Ulla August, a Protestant pastor working for Pädagogisches Institut Villigst, who created great activities for the students and teachers to open their minds for interreligious dialogue.

She guided the students by a variety of excercises to insights like these:

 We also learned that it is good to observe the following things:

 To remind us of the fact that religions have many things in common Ms August gave us these symbols:

 Thank you for a great start of the working meeting! The headteacher of Kaufmannsschule II also came to welcome our guests.

We are all looking forward to our excursion about interreligious dialogue tomorrow.

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