Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Project meeting day 3

Today the students and teachers took part in transcultural training sessions to find out more about the fact that everyone perceives the world in a different way - with different cultures as a background. Culture in this context is a very open concept which can mean a variety of things. Transcultural trainer Jamin Marla was a great expert and teacher to show us how we can become more open-minded about other people and look for similarities rather than things which are different. 

We would also like to share a video of a TED talk in which Chimanda Adichie explains how a "single story", i.e. a reduced view, leads to stereotypes:

Teachers also investigated the web 2.0 tools on the market in order to decide which ones they want to use during the project. After a very inspiring day the students went to spend a day at a German host family and teachers went into town or to see some sights in Hagen. 

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