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ExtraTerrestrian on a trip round Europe

Here is the story that was written by the team working on stereotypes:

ΕΤ on Crete
ET felt homesick. He had heard some very strange things about the people living in Europe and he just wanted to go back home. He jumped high up in the sky hoping he would reach his own planet but gravity drew him back to Earth again.
He landed on the top of a mountain. Around him he could see mountains , olive trees and vine yards and all around everything there was the sea.  He was on an island. He saw a man coming towards him.
-Hi, the man said, who are you and what brings you to Crete?
-I’m ET, ET answered. I’m here to learn about Europe. What is your name?
The man looked at ET. He thought that maybe this extra terrestrial being wasn’t really as friendly as he seemed and he decided to lie.
-I’m Aristotle, he said, I’m a philosopher and I also like maths and astrology. Everybody in Greece does. Would you like to come with me and see where I live?
So, ET and Aristotle went to Ierapetra,  Aristotle’s hometown.
-Here on Crete everybody lives in houses that are painted blue and white. The citizens are lazy but they are hospitable and helpful. The men are handsome and the women sexy and everybody likes to quarrel and they drive really fast, 200km/h. Our music is appreciated cross the globe. In our free time we dance sirtaki and hasapico, we eat tzatziki and Greek salad and we drink ouzo. Come, let’s go to my house and have lunch.
-Very hospitable people, ET thought and continued listening.
 -Look at that ancient monument. There are ancient monuments everywhere. If you go to Athens, you will see the Acropolis. That’s an ancient monument, too. Everybody loves our ancient culture. The Olympic games started in Greece. We have a great history, everybody should learn from it.
While they were having lunch Aristotle continued his story.
-You know, it’s very difficult to live in Greece nowadays. There is an economic crisis, people are very poor and everybody has debts. But enough of that. Let’s talk about something else.
There are many islands in Greece. You should go to Cyclades. It’s an island complex in the Aegean sea. Mykonos is world famous. Many different kinds of people visit it.
Aristotle looked at ET and wondered if he believed all the things he was saying about Greeks.
ET  listened carefully to what Aristotle told him but he couldn’t decide if what he heard was good or bad, so he decided to stay on Earth a little longer and  continue his travel through Europe to find out more about the Europeans.


After a few hours flight ET falls into a field with his vehicle and gets out of it. There are a shepherd and his herd of sheep. ---“I have come for peace”, it says to the shepherd. The shepherd is frozen with fear so he can not move and say a word. When the sheep says “baa”, it solves its spoken language. ---“This hairy man is like the others I have met ” the ET thinks and finds the sheep more friendly and different so begins to talk to the sheep: ---“Hey there ! My name is Pacem.Where am I?” The sheep: --- You're in a field on the European side of Turkey. Pacem notices tea in the glass and asks the sheep about it.and then the sheep says: ---The locals drink dried-plant tea which provides relaxation. Would you like to try? Pacem: ---.Thank you,I do not drink liquid.It kills me. Pacem is scared and decides to leave this place and closes its eyes. Unfortunately When Pacem opens its eyes it finds itself in a place that is noisy, ,smelling and crowded ;,the Grand Baazar. Pacem: ---Oh dear!Like a mess! Everyone is yelling. What's going on here? With the voice of the sheep it notices that the sheep is with him and relaxes. The Sheep: ---It’s difficult to understand people. I do not understand either. The majority of the world belongs to them, but they always want more.They are so greedy.They are shopping, Pacem: ---Wov, what a delightful smell ! smells delicious. Sheep:

This is the smell of “Döner Kebap”. They eat meat and drink Ayran. They use our milk which we produce for feeding our babies.

On the opposite sidewalk a place in which a lot of people keeps something long between their lips draws Pacem's attention. The people in that place can hardly be seen because of the smoke. Sheep: ---People put the weeds/herbs that they produce with great effort in the fields into a piece of paper, wrap up and smoke. And then Pacem hears a loud sound and looks around. It sees the people around it going somewhere in a hurry. It leaves himself to the flood of people to keep from being overwhelmed. When Pacem looks up, it sees a fascinating structure with a large dome and four units like rockets around it. Pacem asks: ---What is this place? Sheep:Here is the Hagia Sophia Mosque.This is a place where people find peace and happiness. Pacem asks again: --- So what is it? (showing the Fountain) The Sheep says:

People clean themselves before worship.Be careful .It is water, a kind of liquid.

Pacem is confused and tells the sheep it needs to invastigate other parts of the Europe.

Bulgarian team`s part of the story  

An ET landed in Bulgaria.This happened near the fortress of Baba Vida- a monument from Byzantine times. The ET looked around and saw beautiful nature and much filth in the cities and villages.It entered the small house at the end of the city and found poor gypsy people- a grandma and 9 grandchildren. The grandma explained that her sons and daughters had emigrated because of the financial instability and corruption in the country - one of her daughters had become a hooker, the two sons were thieves, the biggest daughter was living on social security in a foreign country, and only the old woman had decided to stay in her native place and take care of the children.The ET was stunned by what it saw and heard.It continued to go along the streets of the city full of evil. It listened to divine music and saw the beautiful women, dressed in hand-made traditional clothes, singing a beautiful song at the festival of Bulgarian music.Then it was suddenly interrupted in its enjoyment of beauty, grace and the nice melody. The music stopped, and the people instead of going back home,entered a building ,whose inscription indicated that it was a "Pub",the ET entered too. Inside it saw the smiling and energetic people drinking coffee, speaking, dancing and drinking too much alcohol.They treated him with an alcohol drink and it grew sick. Everything , which the ET saw in Bulgaria can be framed in the words of Elias Canetti - Austrian thinker and playwright, who was born in the Bulgarian town of Ruse- " All I have experienced lately , happened to me in Russe."

 Romanian team's part of the story

Captain Arakel was finally on Earth. Her team was skeptical about the existence of the planet, but now she was here. Altough she didn’t really like what she saw. Arakel landed at the back of a huge courtyard, with funny looking houses. They looked like bubbles of cloth and plastic. Urgh, plastic, a horrible compund. Don’t earthlings now how harmfull this is to their already frail planet? She kept looking around, it was before dawn and she tought earthlings might be still in their state of alterred conciousness. The place looked disgusting. And smell even worse. There were organic leftovers everywhere, a large pile of burnt wood, glass containers gave away a strong smell of ethanol . . . „Are they consuming that?!?!?” she tought. „Not only they destroy the planet, but they do the same with their bodies. If this was an inspection, humans would fail with flying colours . . . ” She suddenly stopped at the sight of an usual creature. It was smaller than her, even smaller than humans, it had patches of colour and like everything else in the courtyard, smelled! But there was something about the little creature. It could arch the flappy tissue on its head up and down. She noticed it was paying attention to all the noises around and she tought those might be the ears. As Arakel smilled, the little creature bent its head and pulled its tongue out. Arakel giggled a little. She wasn’t sure what the little creature wanted from her, but it started to jump up and down, with its tongue still out and with its 2 legs reaching towards her. Arakel stretched her skinny, white hand twoards the creature. Its litlle leg touched her long five fingers and she felt a wave of warmth throught her body. Her big, black eyes were looking into those of the little creature.
-„This is what they feel. This is what humans must feel!” . The creature became more agitated and playfull and Arakel felt like it was trying to say something. Her technological advances will help this situation! She had her earphones and  brainwaves trasmitter with her. She connected one to the little creature and one to herself. So . . .the moment of truth:
-„Hello, there, what is your name?”. The creature sat on its two back legs and answered:
-„Oh, hi, hi, so nice to meet you, my name is Marin, and I am a dog,  what is your name, do you like to play?” replied the little creature while happily jumping up and down. „A dog” Arakel thought. Without missing a beat, she said :
-„Nice to meet you, Marin, my name is Arakel, I am a captain from  planet Aqua.What is this place, Marin, and where are the earthlings?”. The dog sat down and watched Arakel with a puzzled look:
-„You’re in a gypsi slum, and my owners are still sleeping, they ate so much and drunk so much last night!”
Before Arakel could say anything else, she heard something, a  voice, soft and clear, coming from one of the tents:
-„Doar pe drumuri cânt mereu, în grija lui Dumnezeu, șatra e palatul meu, asta-i viața mea . . .”
Arakel was mesmerized. Never before has she heard anything like it. She has been on so many distant planets, meet so many other civilizations, but never a voice like it. She couldn’t move. Even Marin sat down on two legs and listened. She could not understand the words, but it was beautiful. And before she knew it, a young earthling came out of the tent. Arakel was surprised to see the owner of the voice was such a little creature, frail and innocent looking. The earthling did not notice neither Arakel or Marin looking. Arakel managed to finally ask Marin:
-„What was that ritual I just witnessed?”
-„That was young Gemile, she sings all thouthout the day.” Said Marin
-„Sing, you say! What is that?”
-„You see, Arakel,  Gypsi are poor people, and all they have left is their music. So they spend the days singing and dancing, to forget about their problems!”
-„So all the earthlings sing and dance to forget about their problems?”
-„Yes, Arakel, but few are as good as gypsies! They have been travelling the world and singing and dancing since forever, so their voices are naturally better trained for singing! But their habits have kept them in slums like this one for years as well. Gypsies do not care for luxury or comfort and they are happy in their poor tents and their bonfires.”
Before she knew it, the young Gypsi was sitting behind her, so when Arakel turned around to have a better look at the slum, she meet two eyes, studying her carefully, looking just as puzzled as Arakel was. For a minute there, Arakel was breathless. The young Gypsi was beautiful, as beautiful as her voice. She had big, hazel eyes, a brownish skin colour, long, curly hair and she was so colourfully dressed, Arakel felt happy only at the sight of her. The young Gypsi had a lovely metallic trinket on her head and around her hands and ankles. She had a long dress, decorated with green and red and blue patterns, and held in place by a few scarfs. She was surprised she didn’t hear her approach. Before Arakel could say anything, the young Gypsi said:
-„Fa, da’ ești albă rău! Am mai vazut slăbănoage ca tine, da’ tu ești prea de tot! Și mie imi place Lady Gaga, dar nici chiar așa!”
Arakel did not understood, but Marin gladly translated to her.  Arakel reached for her pocket and pulled out a small transmitter and gave it to the young Gypsi. The girl took the round, metallic object, looking skeptical. So Arakel said:
-„Its called a transmitter, it will help us communicate and understand each other!”
The young Gypsi looked scared:
-„Who are you?” she asked, keeping the same puzzled look.
-„My name is Arakel, I come from the planet called Aqua. It is what you, earthlings, are calling Kepler 22b!”
The young Gypsi said without missing a beat:
-„I knew I should watch more Discovery and less Taraf TV . . . ”
-„Marin said your name is Gemile, right?”
-„You speak to the dog?!?!?” Gemile said looking both surprised and excited.
-„Gemile, could you help me understand more about humans? I’ll have to go back to my planet and give my people a full report on you and your culture.”
-„Of course, barosano! I can take on a tour and show you around Romania.” said Gemile
-„Romania?” asked Arakel.
-„The country you are in.” Replied Gemile. „What do you want to travel with?”
-„Uhm . . .I have my vehicle just at the back of your yard . . .” said Arakel
-„What make is it?” asked Gemile before Arakel could finish.
-„Uhm . . .” Arakel hesitated.
-„We’re taking my dad’s Mercedes!”
-„What is a Mercedes?” Arakel asked Marin.
-„A very expensive car. They have a lot of them!” replied Marin
-„They live in a slum but they have expensive cars?” Arakel was a bit surprised. „Humans sure are . . .full of surprises!”
-„Prepare to be amased!” replied Marin.
Gemile took Arakel on a tour around Romania, explaining where it is in Europe, and what Romania is known for on the continent. Arakel admitted there were not many continents on Aqua, as most of the planet is under water. Gemile stoped her Mercedes in front of Gica Hagi’s house, telling Arakel how he is a famous footballer. Arakel obviosuly needed some information oin what football is and both Marin and Gemile had done their best at explaining the game and the rules.
-„To me sounds like a very competitive and violent game. Are all humans like this?” Arakel asked, a little scared about the new found information.
-„Every country on Earth has as football team.” Explained Marin.
-„Next on our list is Dracula’s castle!” said Gemile excited.
-„Who is Dracula?” asked Arakel.
-„A historical empaler who is rememberred for his bloody character and cruel attitude, but worldwide is known as a vampire.” Replied Marin, leaving Arakel surprised as to how much Marin knew.
-„A vampire?” asked Arakel.
-„I take it you are not familiar with Twilight either.” Said Marin, without skiping a beat.
-„No.” Responded Arakel.
-„Well, you’re better off not knowing!” replied Marin.
-„How long until we reach the castle?” asked Arakel.
-„It will take a few good hours.”
-„Oh, I think we might use my vehicle right now, we will get there in no time, if I find the coordinates.”
-„I think we might use this time to tell you more about our country, Arakel.” Said Marin, and Arakel was actually gratefull for the idea.
So all along the road from Bucharest to Brasov Arakel listened to Marin and Gemile talk about how corrupted Romanian politicians were and how they have more churches than schools and hospitals. Arakel needed information about what is a church. Marin and Gemile both had a good time explaining the concept of religion and divinity to an alien. After long hours of chat and confusion for Arakel, they finally reached the castle of Dracula.
-„He was actually an empaler who punished those who made mistakes a bit too harsh, so the Romanian folklore regharded him as a vampire. And now is the main name foregners think about when one sais Romanian.” Marin took his time explaining the concet of national identity.
-„I’m actually suprised we reached Brasov and no one tried to steal our car.” Said Marin.
After a few more words on Dracula and the Bran castle in Brasov, Gemile said:
-„Since we’re here, let’s visit Momma Aura, to guess your future.” said her towards Arakel.
And another look of confusion showed on Arakel’s face. Marin took his time telling Arakel more about Gypsi traditions and how divination was part of it. Marin could tell that it was too much for Arakel to take in so he also thought that a demonstration was a good idea. They arrived to a very interesting place, apparently called a ppalace. It was very colourfull and large. At the door, a woman roughly the same height as Gemile’s was waiting and waving as they got closer. The lady first greeted Gemile and signed Arakel and the dog to go inside. Inside was a small room, really dark, and covered with all sorts of colourfull materials on the walls, ceiling and floor. There was atable in the middle, decorated with a few candles. Momma Aura was somewhat alike Gemile, so Arakel was less suprised this time. And ready. She stopped Momma Aura before she could say anything and handed her a little transmitter too. Momma Aura delivered:
-„This is some cheap jewelery, my dear, I hope this is not what you are paying with!” she said, arching her brow.
-„Hello, Momma Aura, my name is Arakel . . .”
-„A Gypsi name on a white chick????”
-„ . . . I’m from another planet  . . . ”
-„Să mori tu?!?!?!?”
For some reason, Arakel was never able to translate that phrase. She thought she’s probably better off not knowing what it mean?
-„I cannot believe my eyes, an alien!! Oh, what joy, I haven’t been that happy since Salam played at my birthday!!”
-„I bet you have predicted this, right, Momma Aura, Gemile sais you are a divination expert.”
-„Expert indeed, but I have  old lady’s eyes, my child, they don’t see as clear as they use too.”
-„I don’t think that’s how it works . . . ” said Arakel, but she was thrown in a chair before finishing her sentence.
-„Gimme your hand!” demanded Momma Aura, but Arakel was skeptical. Marin approached her and gave her a positive look. So Arakel stretched her hand and when the light from the candles reflected, Momma Aura was almost blinded:
-„Auzi, fa, stop playing games all day and go out in the sun. You are too white!”
Momma Aura had a look at her hand, trying to study it. Now, as she understood from Marin, the art of divination required the interpretation on the lines and creases found on one’s hand. However, due to thei different nature, the people of planet Aqua had no such lines. Arakel thought she finally had Momma Aura with something when Momma Aura said, without skiping a beat:
-„Now, tell me, do you want a good divination or a bad divination? I’m feeling generous today, so they are both the same charge. If you want to hear you’ll get married, that’s extra, I’m afraid!”
Without knowing what to do, Arakel bursted into laughter. And she was soon acompanied by Gemile, Marin and Momma Aura.
And with this, Arakel learned and important thing about the people of Earth: they could laugh at almost anything and in the same way. Disregarding culture or trouble.  With this she ended her report for her superior, also leaving notes on how humans can improve.


The next stopover for ET was Poland. Our friend landed in Cracow, directly under the Royal Castle at Wawel. He decided to go sightseeing. He got a list what and where he could find. The first on the list was Wawel Hill, where the Royal Castle is. The second place was St. Mary’s Church with the beautiful Wit Stwosz Altar carved in limewood. Then he visited the Cloth Hall, and the Old Marke Square.

After a long day of visiting different places ET was confused and afraid because he didn’t know what to do next. Fortunately one of the Polish guys came to him and proposed to help him. It was about 8 pm on Saturday – the time when most Polish people go to parties, clubs friends, or just have a good time.

ET went with Piotr to one of many clubs in Cracow. In the beginning they drank 2 beers and when they had a good time, danced and met the most beautiful women in the world they decided to drink more. The next step was Polish vodka - the best vodka in the world. After some shots ET decided to leave Piotr and went to other clubs.

Early morning was terrible, ET said that he would never ever drink so much. Moreover he was in another city. It was Katowice on a day of a match of Polish volleyball team. He decided to attend this event but it was early morning and the match was in the afternoon, so he had to do something else to enjoy his time in Poland. After few seconds of thinking he decided to buy tickets for the match but he didn’t know where, so he asked a man standing next to him. The man sold a ticket to ET but unfortunately it was a counterfeit ticket but ET didn’t know about it and he got screwed. The match was to start in 30 minutes, but ET couldn’t go inside to watch it and had to stay outside. Disappointed ET was walking in Katowice but after some minutes a warm-hearted old man asked him to watch the match in his house together with him. Hospitable Jan – that was the name of the elderly man proposed ET to lodge him because it was dark and late outside so he agreed.

Of course a meeting with a creature from another planet couldn’t finish without drinking! Surprising, early morning on the next day was similar to the first one. ET woke up in another place than the one he went to sleep in. This time it was the capital - Warsaw. Firstly he went to the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The next step were Łazienki Królewskie Park and National Stadium of the Polish football team. ET ended his trip in the Great Theatre in Warsaw on a performance and when it was going to the end and all lights in the theatre turned off a shining circle appeared, ET vanished.

German part of the story

ET arrived in Germany and landed in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria. He was sitting there on a field and it was raining - raining hard - raining cats and dogs in fact. He was feeling alone and was frightened. He looked around him and saw green grass which looked really nice. But behind him he heard some noises - there was a metal clunk and a sound of chewing. He turned around. His long nose and mouth hit something wet - cold and wet and disgusting. Within a second he decided to magically disappear.

Carefully he opened his eyes - what would he see now? Where was he now? It didn't seem so bad - he saw two feet. They seemed quite big, so it must be what the earthmen call a man. He wore open shoes and some cloth wrapped around the feet.

ET asked using his translator unit again: "What are you wearing?" The man shouted: "Goa wech!" As his translator unit did not understand what the man was saying, ET decided to walk around the city. Suddenly he heard some strange sounds like oopa oopa trätärä which came from a large tent close by. He held his translator unit up to the sign. His translator unit said: "The Oktoberfest is a Bavarian traditional festivity on which people drink beer and eat fatty food for 2 weeks." ET thought, I will check it out. He walked into the first tent he saw.

He managed to hide under a table to find out what was going on there. He remembered the strange things that those people were wearing on their feet and had a look. Again there was this cloth but this time it came up to the knee - and the shoes were green. Strange customs. This was nothing against the smell. It was hot and there were so many people and food and drinks. He took out his translator unit again which gave him this information: "You are currently in an Oktoberfest tent on Theresienwiese in Munich and the smell is sweat, beer, sauerkraut, pretzels, sausages and mashed potatoes mixed together." Ugh. He had to be careful not to faint. He decided to magically disappear.

When he opened his eyes again he saw  man with greyish white hair in front of him. He was scared but then realised that it was a photo only. "Hello," he said to the photo. But there was no answer. The waitress came to him and said: "Guten Tag. Was darf ich Ihnen bringen?" He quickly took out the translator unit and understood. He panicked not knowing what to answer, so he clicked automatic answer. The waitress smiled. Then he felt safe to ask a question using his translator:"Who is this man?" The waitress answered: "This is a photo of Albert Einstein, a famous physicist who was born here in Ulm. He had to emigrate to America when Hitler was at power." He sat down and relaxed. After a while the waitress returned with something he had never seen before. So he took up all his courage and took a bite. It was crusty outside and very soft and sweet and juicy inside. He took a second bite. "Oh, I love this," he thought.

Coming out of the Café Einstein he looked up at the sky where the dark clouds were gathering. Suddenly water came from above. It was definitely time to leave this place.

He arrived in France so he went to Paris and he saw a lot of people who wore berets. He entered a hairdresser salon to have his hair cut, and he left the hairdressing salon with a funny-looking mustache. he was very satisfied: now he would definitely fit in!
At lunch-time he felt very hungry so he went to a supermarket.. and there were nothing but French sticks for sale! So when he left the supermarket, all he had was ... French sticks! What a strange diet, he thought...

His ship was parked in front of an imposing iron tower with lights on it. People seemed to have gathered in a huge crowd around it - maybe it was a religious monument? he thought. Thew crowd definitely seemed to be worshipping it, as if it was very important.

"Hello and welcome to the Eiffel tower, here you can see the most beautiful monument in Paris and one of the most visited, it is 365 meters high, it was ahead of its time when it was built for the universal exhibition which took place in Paris in 1900. It was built by Gustave Eiffel" said the audio guide. The Alien didn't understand anything: he wondered if that was a threat or a welcoming sign.

Then he looked around: each and every French person was wearing only Yves-Saint-Laurent , Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuiton and Louboutin clothes: they certainly seemed very ahead of the rest of the world in terms of fashion. Even Marylin Monroe wore Chanel and she was endorsing the famous brand in the whole world. These French people must all be fashion victims, he reckoned.

Then he decided to go to a concert to wrap up the day, but all the concert halls had the same show on: Edith Piaf. It seemed that this was the only singer France had, indeed everyone sang her songs in the streets, nothing else! That concert gave our ET such a headache!

 ET in Italy

He flew over the Earth, but his nacelle was broken. To save his life he jumped with parachute and he landed in a place he had never seen. Waiting for the rescues, he decided to go around. Then he arrived in a country. He saw the sea, the sun, it was hot and he decided to take an ice-cream. He saw some creatures that, while they talked, gesticulated and many others  that circulated with the vespa. He became to walk and he saw a black luxurious car register "God Father" and he saw two men out from a bank with a sack full of money. They entered in the car where an old man wearing a lot of jewels , was waited  for them, so they escaped. After few minutes the director screamed: "STOP!". ET  was worried about that he had seen, but all the people calmed him because it was a scene of the fiction "Mafia”, since many years now airing on television , the subject of which was pure science fiction.
  ET, tranquil, continued his journey. After a day's walk he came in a beautiful small town, where people sang and danced a dance called "tarantella". Tired of his journey he was offered a coffee. Satisfied of hospitality  he greeted the people and continued on his way. Walking he saw in the distance a decadent theatre that made him a bad impression and exlamed: "Horrible". A passer-by heard him and told him it was the Coliseum, dating back to the ancient Romans there "Brend and Ciruses" fought to entertain the people. Alien , enthusiastic entered to visit it and  he gaped. He continued quickly and arrived in a city where he saw a leaning tower. He asked himself why of the strange position of this structure. Then he saw a cartel advertising a gym, in the tower,   for obese where  they, with the jumps  were able to lose weight 10 pounds in 10 days. But the tower.....
Meanwhile a message arrived to him saying  that rescues were arriving. "What a pity" he thought.  So he decided to  continue quickly his journey and he set out to another city. There he saw many channels and many people moving in a strange boat called "gondola", which he liked because he thought it was so romantic . He quickly came to another place where he stopped to look at a large building...he decided to enter. Once inside, he could hear music in the distance and, intrigued he decided toin  approach. He saw a walkway and a lot of people. There, in a small room, there was a lots of gorgeous girls  that dressed and undressed themselves . After they have decided the right dress went to the next room and walking on the catwalk. Elegant sitting people clapped his hands. "Really funny". But its fun in that structure, called "Duomo", ended too soon. A spaceship suddenly materialized beside and the aids, came to the rescue, carried him to his planet. Once home the told to everybody all his wonderful adventure.

Even today, if you see a strange object in sky of your town don't worry! It's our friend who is doing a tour guide to some of his friends.

 Pentapolis -Greece (North of Greece)

After spending hours swimming in the Mediterranean sea he arrived at the Aegean sea and reached a greek coast .It was night and all he could see was a light. He followed it and it leaded him to a festival that looked like a greek one. There he was amazed by the greek dances and wanted to dance too. He followed the dance and realized that he was somewhere in Greece, Mykonos! By the hospitable residents of the islands he was informed that he is far from the capital of Greece, so he tried to find a way to live the island. Luckily, a man was about to live the island by helicopter the next day, so he took him with him. They finally reached the capital city, he thanked the gentle man. He was wondering around and could see many athletes outside a big stadium. It was probably the Olympic Games there! He couldn’t find a place to sleep and he was feeling lonely and hungry. Smelling the popular tastes of Greece, like pork gyros and souvlaki, he was trying to find a place to eat. A chumpy man greeted him and he took him to his tavern. He told him he would give him food if he washed the dishes afterwards. After they agreed, he gave him souvlaki, greek salad tzatziki and ouzo. He was eating by the company of greek dancers dancing traditional dances. He liked the place there so he wanted to learn more about the country. He asked the man to tell him so he told him about Aristotle, Socrates and the 12 Gods Of Olympus. The day was passing..
He was planning on spending a night at a beach because he didn’t have enough money, but luckily a gentle woman appeared and took him at her home. Her house was white with blue windows and next to the see. She was very smiley and friendly with him, and he gave him seafood, soup and salad. He stayed there for two days and he felt like home because of the hospitality of the whole family. But the leaving day arrived ,so he had to say goodbye to the family. He was really sad and he was feeling he will miss them. So the hostess told him not to worry and to visit them whenever he had the chance. He also gave him a package with feta (greek cheese), tomatoes, olives and a lucky charm for a good luck.

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