Sunday, 23 February 2014

Students' reactions to the introductions

I think we have different kinds of presentation and it's cool because it shows that we are all creative. (student from France)
I believe that we, all the teams, we did all our best to make very good presentations! Looking forward to working with you all!
Christina from Bucharest
 I agree with you: we all are creative and we want to share our experience! Greats from Bucharest!
Hello from Tambir, IPSSAR of Palermo. As you know I am studying to become a "great" chef. I really liked the presentation of the Turkish students. I saw the presentation of a dish that is very similar to ours own in Palermo. It is called "cuccìa" and you can eat it on December 13 for Saint Lucia.
So ......... we are all so far away but very similar!!!! 

We in Palermo are very happy because today we received 3 Christmas cards from our new friends eTwinning.
Thanks to the schools of teacher Dora G., Pentapolis Serres, Greece,
Teacher Despoina X., Crete and Teacher Niculina C., Romania.
Thanks to all. emoticon))))))))) 

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